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Beer incentive. Hiking Tonquin ValleyTonquin Amethyst Lake Lodge is easily reached by hikers looking for the best the Canadian Rockies has to offer. Stay in private heated cabins with warm bedding and fresh towels. Delicious meals are served in the dining cabin. You don't need to carry a tent, sleeping bag or food!

The 18.6km(11.6 miles) hike up the Astoria River Valley to the Lodge travels through subalpine forests and open meadows. Outstanding views of majestic mountains, ancient glaciers and untouched wilderness.

Once at the Tonquin Amethyst Lake Lodge, hikers have access to some of the best day hiking in the Rockies. Pristine Rocky Mountain scenery in peaceful solitude. The Eremite Valley with its glaciers and lakes, the meadows of Clitheroe Basin, the serenity of Moat Lake.

Hiking guides are available on request and guests can arrange for gear to be carried in on Horseback. Self-guided hikers are welcome. Hikers have unlimited use of the fishing boats when staying at Tonquin Amethyst Lake Lodge.