Backcountry Lodges Tonquin Valley AdventuresThe Wilderness Vacation of a Lifetime

The lodge:

Home cooked meals at the Tonquin Valley LodgeIn 1939 Fred Brewster, a legend of the Canadian Rockies, built the first permanent camp on the shores of Amethyst Lake in the Tonquin Valley. His original log building, Brewster Chalet, is one of the oldest Lodges in Jasper National Park. With its rustic design and use of native materials, it is still the centerpiece of Tonquin Amethyst Lake Lodge. A second Chalet, built in 1990, contains a central dining area where guests enjoy delicious homecooked meals. The menu is a hearty mix of contemporary and traditional western fair; food for the soul as well as the body.

Accommodations at Tonquin Amethyst Lake Lodge are simple and quiet. Private, heated cabins with comfortable log beds and warm blankets. In the evening guests and guides gather in front of a warm fire in the Brewster chalet.

In 1956, Tonquin Valley Adventures was passed from Fred Brewster to long time wrangler Tom Vinson. From 1975-1999 Tom's daughter, Lavone and her husband Wald Olson operated the Lodge. Tonquin Valley Adventures began the new millennium with the same the commitment to that unique brand of wilderness hospitality.